Migration and Flight: Biography Workshop with Young People and Survivors of Nazi Persecution

The biography workshop project brings together young people with or without a migrant or refugee background and survivors of Nazi persecution, building bridges between generations and cultures. In working directly with contemporary witnesses, young people learn about Nazi persecution first-hand. At the same time, this provides a lasting documentation of survivors’ biographies.

Young people and survivors interview each other in small groups, write biographical texts, reflect on issues such as flight and persecution and thus produce creative texts. The material produced will be turned into a website and a stage reading to make the project results available to a wider audience.

The biography workshop is a continuation of the successful 2017/2018 pilot project of the same name that won the “Engagement Award 2018” by the North-Rhine Westphalian social services umbrella organisation Der Paritätische NRW.

We survived

Escape and persecution in stories of Holocaust survivors and refugees.

Anthology for download.

Katarina Gavrik
0221 17 92 94 14

The project ist carried out in cooperation with the Gesamtschule Bergheim and is supported by Aktion Mensch, the Dr. Franz Stüsser Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultureller Zentren NRW e.V.

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