The Federal Association of Information & Advice for Victims of National Socialism normally opens its doors seven times a year to "warmly welcome" contemporary witnesses, young people and all other interested parties in its narrative cafés. Stories, memories, conversations, an open relationship. None of this is possible in times of Corona. Nevertheless, the federal association does not stand still. It goes on, albeit in a different form: People pick up the phone and share familiar closeness with contemporary witnesses and members of the subsequent generations over a spatial distance.

Our political-historical work also continues. And when people are not allowed to go to the café, the café comes to them in the form of “Cafétalk”, our new podcast. At irregular intervals, the stories of contemporary witnesses are retold and shared in the “Cafétalk”. Finding each other, even in times of Corona: listen!

Folge 1


Vanessa Rex and Milena Rivera Espejo talk about the fate of the contemporary witness Haim Schulkin (* 1928), who survived persecution by the Nazis as a teenager. With a lot of luck he was able to escape from the Lyubimowka camp in the Ukraine in the winter of 1942. Haim Schulkin now lives with his family in Cologne.

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