The project "Second Generation" deals with the problems of the descendants of Nazi persecution. It is based on the by now scientifically verified evidence showing that children whose parents were persecuted by the Nazis, not always, but frequently have their own psychological problems that can be traced back to the persecution fate of their parents.
The “Bundesverband” is very committed to this issue of the "Second Generation" in the form of symposiums, events and brochures, and thus contributes to drawing more attention to this major issue in the public arena and society in general.

A large number of children and grandchildren of victims of the tyranny of the Nazis suffer from mental health problems that can be traced back to the persecution fate of their parents. That parents may pass on traumatic experiences to their children has by now become established scientific knowledge. Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and sociologists in this context speak of a transgenerational transmission of the persecution trauma, which can have both individual and social ramifications.
The 1980’s marked the beginning of the scientific examination of the "Second Generation" and their specific set of problems. The groundbreaking work "Kinder der Opfer, Kinder der Täter," which contains the studies of American psychoanalysts, appeared in 1982 in English under the title "Generations of the Holocaust." Since the publication of this anthology, professionals have dealt intensively with the psychological problems of the descendants of Nazi persecution. Due to the scientific debate and the resulting psychosocial work with victims, the problem of the "Second Generation" has increasingly been able to establish itself in the public perception as a unique subject - independent of the survivor generation. This is not least reflected in books of fiction, which in recent years have heightened the public's attention to the paths of the lives of children, especially of those of Jewish victims: for example, among others, the books by Michel Friedmann “Kaddisch vor Morgengrauen” and Amelie Fried “Schuhhaus Pallas”.
The “Bundesverband” has for several years also delved into the situation of the descendants of Nazi persecution. Within the framework of the project "Second Generation," the “Bundesverband” organized, inter alia, two symposiums in 2009 and 2011, where the issue was discussed in detail. The experts, who had journeyed from Israel just for this event, gave an impressive insight into work with descendants of victims of the Nazi regime and showed the various aspects of the topic “transgenerational transmission.” Thanks to the financial support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Women and Youth, the “Bundesverband” was able to publish the contributions and statements of the speakers as part of its monographic series in the form of two booklets entitled “Fachtagung zum Thema Zweite Generation am 22. Oktober 2009 in Köln“ (Symposium on the Second Generation, October 22nd, 2009, in Cologne) and “Fachtagung zum Thema Zweite Generation am 1. März 2011 in Köln" (Symposium on the Second Generation, March 1st, 2011, in Cologne).
By means of the symposiums, brochures, further events and theme days, the “Bundesverband” has helped to publicise the issue of the "second generation" to a wider circle of politicians, social workers, senior carers, psychologists and doctors. In the future, the “Bundesverband” will continue to be committed to the cause of the Second Generation and support the descendants of all Nazi victims within the framework of its work for all those who were persecuted by the National Socialists.