Theatre Project 'Fremd sein – was ist das?'

As part of the multimedia theatre project ‘Fremd sein – was ist das?’ (Being strange – what does that mean?), survivors of Nazi persecution and pupils worked towards a performance dealing with the dangers of re-emerging nationalism. Young people with or without a migrant background reappraise survivors’ biographies and directly weave them into the theatre performance by means of video sequences. Additionally, these videos are published online and pupils create a video blog to share their personal thoughts on the project.

In working with survivors, the pupils learn about National Socialism first-hand. Supported by a professional director and a videographer, they create a performance while gaining new multimedia skills and having the opportunity to work creatively in a group. For survivors of Nazi persecution, this project is a great way to exchange ideas with the younger generation. Working with the pupils means they experience their appreciation and their biographies are documented in a permanent way.

On September 13, 2020, the film premiere of "Fremd sein - Was ist das?" held in Cologne. You can watch the entire evening with the subsequent panel discussion here.

If you just want to see the film, you can do that here.

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