History of the Association

In the late 1980s, the idea was born to create an information and advisory service for survivors of Nazi persecution. Representatives of associations for survivors of Nazi persecution, Pax Christi and the German Action Reconcilation/Service for Peace founded a first advisory service that, in 1992, would become the Federal Association Information and Advice for Survivors of Nazi Persecution (Bundesverband Information & Beratung für NS-Verfolgte e.V.). It provided survivors with information on existing compensation possibilities and support with complex reparation procedures.

In the early 1990s, the Federal Association managed to have a hardship fund for survivors established in the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, followed by the Transfer Agency for Nazi Victims in 1997. The agency provides advice on compensation issues and older people assistance. In 1995, the Federal Association and the American Jewish Committee organised a campaign to support survivors living in Central and Eastern Europe.

From the very beginning, the Federal Association has been committed to help those survivors of Nazi persecution who lacked recognition as such for a long time. By the turn of the millennium, the Federal Association achieved recognition for this group that comprised victims of Nazi military justice and forced labourers in particular.


Projects Completed

Contemporary Witness Theatre

Survivors of Nazi persecution and pupils came together to create a theatre play based on the survivors’ stories of persecution.

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Visiting and Accompanying Service for Survivors of Nazi Persecution in Cologne

Volunteers paid visits to survivors of Nazi persecution, accompanied them to events or to see the doctor.

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Evidence of Forced Labour

With the help of its cooperating partners, the Federal Association was able to provide evidence of forced labour and thus ensure that thousands of forced labourers received their due compensation.

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Adjusting Older People Assistance Systems to Meet Survivors’ Needs

The project shed light on the needs of survivors of Nazi persecution living in German nursing facilities and improved their situation.

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Biography Workshop

Young people with or without a migrant or refugee background reappraise the biographies of survivors of Nazi persecution.

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Theatre: 'Fremd sein – Was ist das?'

Young people and survivors of Nazi persecution come together to work on a theatre performance that deals with survivors’ persecution stories.

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