Films from our biography workshop

In our "Biography Workshop" project, the survivors of the Shoah told their stories to pupils at the Gesamtschule Bergheim. The scenes from the life stories heard became the basis of a play. Unfortunately, the planned theater performance could not take place due to the corona pandemic. Instead, we made three short films. The first films can already be seen on our YouTube channel.



Website for our educational projects

"Biography workshop", "Fremd sein - Was ist das? "," Contemporary witness theater?": Our educational projects now have their own website! Take a look around and find out how we contribute to a good culture of remembrance together with contemporary witnesses, schoolchildren and young adults as well as anyone interested. Together against racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. Together against forgetting.

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Podcast: Cafétalk


The stories of the contemporary witnesses are retold and belonged in the "Cafétalk" at irregular intervals. Click here for the podcast.

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